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Professional Certifications to grow or start your beauty business

Whether you are looking for Professional Certifications to grow or start your beauty business, we have got you covered from start to finish.

We are your go-to destination for service certifications & post-grad beauty marketing support.

All of our courses will teach you physical application foundations for a wide range of aesthetic services as well as business-building foundations specific to the beauty industry.

Looking to get more out of your career but not sure where to start?

  • Are you looking for a new career or an amazing side hustle that will work around your busy life?
  • Do you want to LOVE coming to work every day?
  • Do you want to get paid to hang out with amazing like-minded people?

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  • Are you already in the beauty business and are looking for a way to bring yourself to the next level?
  • Do you want to charge premium prices and work with the clients you adore?
  • Do you want to have marketing plans that work on autopilot for you?

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How the Beauty & Babes Academy came to be…

Mel, Beauty & Babes Academy

Beauty & Babes Academy was born from my drive to have more life fulfilment. I wanted to bring more people the opportunity to get involved in this amazing industry without having to go through the hoops that I did early on in my career.

For over 15 years I have worked at perfecting my craft, building my salons & learning how to support my staff in their marketing & I want to help more people achieve MORE in less time for a fraction of the price.

Whether you are new to the industry or have been here for a while I want you to love your life as much as I love mine.

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Beauty and Babes FacebookBeauty Industry Unites was created to help salon & spa owners and service technicians grow their marketing skills, obtain higher-paying clients and build their empires.

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