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Semi-Permanet Mascara

5 hour certification course

$650+hst *includes a kit with 36 applications*

Make your course back in 7 clients or less.

In this 5 hour certification course taught by our medical grade aesthetics & marketing team, you will learn the fundamentals of semi-permanent makeup practices. You will learn proper sanitation of tools and what to look for in terms of infection & disease. You will learn how to give your client’s different looks and obtain the skills to do a thorough consultation. As a bonus to you, you will leave the course with a basic understanding of how to grow and maintain a clientele with some highly effective ways of marketing your new beauty business.

Module 1: Building your business.
Module 2: What is Semi Permanent Mascara?
Module 3: Who is the ideal candidate?
Module 4: Infection & sanitation
Module 5: Preparation & application
Module 6: Model applications

Our gift to you.

We want you to be succesful.

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