How passionate are you about pursuing your career in the beauty industry?

At Beauty & Babes Academy, we bring together quality industry education, training, and beauty trends to give our students a complete learning experience.

Who Are We?

At the Beauty & Babes team, we are not just hair painters, stylists, or aesthetics service providers but we also share our passion and knowledge of the latest trend to give what’s best for our clients.

We inspire and motivate your personal growth when it comes to beauty services.  We will be your bridge towards your success in this kind of industry from your first step, up to your last step.

Why Choose Us? 

Beauty & Babes is dedicated to the continuous improvement of our Academy, to better serve the industry and future students. You’ll not just learn how to do it but we will also give you our secret and effective tips and techniques to achieve our clients’ standards. 

We’ve included some history, style guides with updated in-depth online videos, cheat sheets, and even some marketing and business setup. It also includes a model demo that shows the application process – from start to finish, so you can see how your new techniques can be applied immediately behind the chair. After that, don’t forget your certificate of completion!

The Result?

By the end of the training, aside from being an expert in the beauty industry?

You’ll also develop your social skills by being friendly, amenable, and a good listener. Because you’ll be working with a different variety of people. 

And since your creativity will be put to test every day, you’ll master the creation of perfect styles.

Additionally, we don’t just train you for your skills but we also help and guide you to your business. 

Most importantly, you’ll be 100% in taking pride in your work results with great customer service. 

You see, with B&B Academy, whether you’re just starting out or you’re already experienced and want to expand more of your style and business skills, then our friendly and expert learning environment can help you succeed.

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