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You could start your new life from your living room in less than a week with our 100% online beauty academy.

Are you ready to be your own boss?


The world will change when more women work for themselves

This isn’t a sales pitch…

I want to empower you to change your life the way that I have.

Becoming my own beauty boss is the best thing I have ever done for me & my daughter.

I can work less hours, make more money, set my own hours, surround myself with other like minded & empowered women PLUS I don’t have a boss anymore!

Beauty & Babes Academy is one of the fastest growing beauty training companies in Canada.

I am offering you the opportunity to learn more about our online beauty certification programs.

You could be starting your career & your life in just a few short days.

To be able to give all students an amazing amount of attention I am only offering a limited number of certifications in each city.

Is this your time to be your own beauty boss?  

I believe in you!


Disclaimer: Income results can vary based on effort, time, and commitment to your new career.

Special Offer: Enroll today for $197   $500  CAD Make back your investment in as little as 2 clients! PLUS get access to lifetime support valued at over $5,000!

I'm ready to become my own beauty boss & start offering Classic Eyelash Extensions!


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    Join me in this webinar where I show you how this course works & what the inside of it looks like. I’m going to explain to you the reasons why now is the time to get beauty boss certified

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    I’m ready to be my own boss! 


    65% OFF Discount Code will be sent to your Inbox!

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      This course is for Boss Babes who..

      • Have a desire to live life on their terms!
      • Are ready for a change! Have a passion for helping women feel more beautiful!
      • Want to create their own schedules & have more time & money for family & friends
      • Want to work from home or in a salon!

      Why Classic Eyelash Extensions?
      Why is this an opportunity

      • Eyelash Extensions are one of the fastest growing industries in the world.
      • You don’t need to be a licensed aesthetician to start offering eyelash extensions!
      • You can take this certification across the country!
      • Because no where else can you start your career in under a week!
      • Because you will join a community of other likeminded amazing women who are here to support & celebrate your sucess!

      The Benefits Of Online Certification:

        • You can do this when it suits you & your kid’s schedules
        • You can watch from your phone, tablet or computer
        • You can work at your own pace and repeat modules as needed
        • There are no travel costs to attend classes in other cities

      YOU'LL SAVE 65%


      65% OFF Discount Code will be sent to your Inbox!

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        Why take the Online Beauty Boss Classic Eyelash Extension Certification?

        This is a 16+ module online training that gives you certification in lv. 1 Classic Eyelash Extensions

        You can learn directly from any device

        It is safe to learn at home

        You can create future freedom

        You can start immediately upon registration

        How long does it take to complete the course?

        This Curriculum is taken directly from our fully Accredited 2 Day in Class Training. ​Some students take 2 days and some take a month or so. The choice is entirely yours and it just depends on your schedule and how much time you apply to the course

        Can I take my Lv 2 Training too?
        Yes! It is becoming available to students in the very near future!
        And you will get a crazy good deal on it too!
        Does this Certificate work where I live?

        Every country and province has their own unique set of rules and regulations and it is up to you to do your research to see what is required in your local area. The benefit of this low price, is that for states that require a cosmetology or aesthetician to do hair extensions, a lot of students take this course at this low price to help them decide if investing further into a cosmetology license is something they are interested in doing and enjoy

        Where can I get Classic Eyelash extensions for my clients from?

        We are here to support you & your career in entirety. While some extension wholesale companies make you place a volume order we will never make you do that! Order what you need when you need it for life!

        We are a community of people empowering people

        Welcome to Beauty & Babes Academy,
        We set the bar high in our industry & aim to change things for the best. We create confident & proud students who are ready to work!

        The best part? We will be with you every step of the way! Post grad support & wholesale is available!

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