First impressions can play a HUGE part on getting that job or promotion. Unfortunalty stereotypes can be hard to forget. Studies surprisingly show how much someone is paid can sometimes be affected by how they look.
Ever hear the term “blonde bimbo”? In a 2010 study by Queensland University of Technology it shows blondes earn up to 7% more than other hair colours. Not so much blonde bimbo, but more blonde queen. Do blondes have more fun as a result? Research also has shown that while it may be effective for women; being a blonde male has no impact on wage rates compared to brunette males, highly educated or not.
A survey from the National Association of Colleges and Employers compiled annually shows opinions are based highly on a candidates appearance. The important attributes that affected employers’ opinions included:
Non-traditional interview outfit – 82%
Handshake – 74%
Unusual hair color – 73%
Unusual hair style – 64%
Body piercing – 72%
Obvious tattoos – 69%
With unusual hair colour at 73% the hair colour you choose, is a huge factor & could have a negative effect on your success at job interview stage.
What effect can having brightly coloured hair have on job opportunities? Although maintaining a professional image with neon orange hair may be difficult, one can argue that the colour of your hair does not have any merit with how good or bad a job is done.
Traditionally, when it comes to interviews, less is often more. Keeping makeup & hair simple is key to making a great first impression. Having extremely bright hair or an unusual shade when attending a job interview can give your potential employer certain opinions about you instantly. You could be presented as a rebel, unprofessional or even wanting attention to stand out. Employers are often looking for someone that is not going to “challenge” them, your appearance may in fact make them feel threatened.
It is extremely important to gauge the workplace environment you want to work in. If the workplace is more laid back or eclectic, funky streaks of colour can brighten up someone’s day without you even realising it. In a creative field, such as a tattoo parlor for instance, a strikingly pink may demand attention and be the right choice; but it may not sit well in say a social work field.
Natural tones give off a neutral message, so bare this in mind in regards to your work environment and the next time you pop into your hair salon. Knowing the industry you are trying to go after is essential when understanding boundaries and rules for the company and what would be considered acceptable or not. Having purple hair could be the kiss of death for whether you get that job. Keep in mind, on a first interview; these companies do not know you as a person.
Although sometimes we feel our hair colour and style can reflect our personalities; it is important for you to know the pros and con’s to “expressing” yourself through these means. Whether you insist on bright or natural shades, be sure to find out more about the position and company, or you may just lose out on that dream job!
If you are someone that is looking for a bit of funk, all while being able to maintain the professional image, ask your hairstylist about clip in extensions! You can rock the bright when you are home and look super sheek & professional while in the workplace.